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A Word About Chi Kung (Qigong)

Dale standing doing chi kung on the edge of the water.

Definition and foundations of qi gong

Qigong, translated as “energy work” in Mandarin, is at the heart of Chinese Taoist medicinal and spiritual traditions. Although forms of qi qong vary, they share a common basis focused on energetic anatomy, including the meridians, the 3 dan tians, the organs, the 5 elements and the pakua.

Importance of form

The physical dimension, or “form,” is often secondary in advanced qi gong practices. The main thing is how you live your life. Rather than focusing on the external form, the emphasis is on correcting and harmonizing the energetic anatomy. For the artists that we are, this will manifest in a unique way for each person.

The vision of qigong

My approach to qi gong seeks to restore a natural movement of energy, focusing on essential aspects beneficial to all. Some qi gong perfected by the Taoists incorporate elements similar to Yoga (Tao Yin) and may have purposes other than restoring natural movement.

Taoist balance

Symbol of Taijitu. yin and yang, black and white

For the East and in particular the Taoists, balance, symbolized by Yin/Yang (Taijitu), is fundamental. Most of the practice is aimed at the physical-etheric body, and takes advantage of the principle of saving energy, rooted in the belief that our life energy (Jing) is limited.

The western perspective

In the West, our spiritual approach differs. Rather than seeking balance, we aim for transcendence, creation and self-realization, often with vigor. The Star of David, symbolizing Yin and Yang, represents our quest for integration and individuation.

Six-pointed star with a dot in the center. All in black on a white background.

Parentesis on the symbols

The point in the center of the star represents the I. It is equivalent to the great Shen in Chinese energy which sits in the heart of the sovereign individual. It is implicit as the movement of Yin and Yang in Taijitu.

These two symbols therefore represent three forces. God the father, god the mother and god the child (between heaven and earth). The third is born, or rather can be born from the union of the other two.

My personal vision

Although I am fundamentally western, I believe that qigong offers a powerful tool to stabilize and balance us. It strengthens our physical-etheric health while bringing a great amount of energy to the process.

The education promoted here

The qi gong that I promote and teach is a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions, more focused on personal growth than traditional gi gong.



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