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Happy Light Festival!

winter celebration

The Festival of Light, December 21, reminds us of the importance of the sun and its principle of generosity, warmth and authenticity in our lives.

With its gifts and its generosity, the light that emanates from it allows us to take stock of the previous year and put in motion what we plan for spring.

It is also the time to observe the consequences of our actions. Did we hit our targets or did we miss them?1? Have we been wise or not?

The winter solstice is the right time to analyze and take stock of what has been achieved in relation to the objective and adjust the focus (make resolutions) or simply amplify the movement for the coming year.

You may have understood that for children, Santa Claus represents the same principle.

I invite you to read the articles below to better understand what light is and how it manifests in our lives.

1The word "sin" in English is an old word for missing a target. In this sense, to sin is to miss the mark.

The original light and its five principles

Last year, I wrote articles on each of the five principles of light:

  • Prometheus and the fire from heaven, the source of human consciousness

    Prometheus and the fire from heaven, the source of human consciousness

    Democratization of Consciousness Fire from heaven must always be stolen. In mythology, it is Prometheus who steals it and gives it to man. He is therefore the source of Light. This is the first principle of the original light that Lucifer will carry thereafter. So we understand that it is…

  • Lucifer, the bearer of the light of consciousness – the teacher

    Lucifer, the bearer of the light of consciousness – the teacher

    The carrier of light is the second principle of light after Prometheus. Its role as its name suggests is to bring light. He is the one who brings clarity, enlightenment, knowledge and revolt. I see him more active than Prometheus stealing his fire while Lucifer is constantly...

  • Norns – weavers of destiny

    Norns – weavers of destiny

    Norns are the 3rd principle of the original Light after Lucifer and before Kenaz. It is thus a question of getting involved in our destiny and that of others once we carry the light that we are in the process of domesticating. The more an individual is proactive and takes his destiny into his own hands, the more the relationship…

  • Kenaz, domesticated fire

    Kenaz, domesticated fire

    Kenaz, the rune, is the fourth principle of the original Light. After the Norns and before the Tree of Lights. After the spark, the transport, the audacity to get involved in one's own destiny comes, the mastery and the domestication of internal and external fire. One of the most powerful aspects of the Light, Kenaz is the engine and…

  • Yggdrasil, the tree of light and life

    Yggdrasil, the tree of light and life

    Once mastered and domesticated, the fire allows the maturity of the being. With its maturity, the individuated consciousness establishes itself in the whole of the individual and produces (possible) fruits. In this sense the tree of light is an archetype present in the center of the head of individuals and extends into the whole of all that they are.…





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