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Meeting with Gaia 2023

silhouette of a person standing in a cave

End of November or beginning of December, date to be determined, duration of 4 hours.

An unforgettable alchemical journey.

Gaia has three sides, the woman, the mother and the warrior. Come learn how to meet it from the inside. This way you can reestablish its place in your life and activate the link with the energy it transmits to you.

This is also an opportunity to ask him questions.

The one-day workshop occurs as follows:

  • Arrival or connection (for those in videoconference) at 9 a.m.;
  • Chi kung to activate perception;
  • Theory and presentation of the energy structure and location of the journey;
  • Meeting with Gais;
  • Return, exchange for those who wish and closure;

Class notes will be provided as well as meditation for traveling to and from the meeting place with Gaia.

Write to me in comments to show your interest and availability. I will probably do a Doodle with those interested to choose the dates before announcing it 🙂.




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