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Training presentations

  • Meeting with Gaia 2023

    Meeting with Gaia 2023

    End of November or beginning of December, date to be determined, duration of 4 hours. An unforgettable alchemical journey. Gaia has three sides, the woman, the mother and the warrior. Come learn how to meet it from the inside. This way you can reestablish its place in your life and activate the link with the energy it transmits to you. This is also the opportunity…

  • Tai chi + qi gong at Studio Bhuta Yoga (September 18)

    Tai chi + qi gong at Studio Bhuta Yoga (September 18)

    Practical Information Immerse yourself in an energetic adventure from September 18 to December 17 (planned holiday for Thanksgiving). Duration: 12 rewarding sessions. Investment: $167,99. *Minimum of 5 registrations required. Registration preferred by phone at Studio Bhuta Yoga: 450 824-9642 or by email at info@bhutayoga.ca. A perfect course for: Syllabus…